Sustainable Development Extension Services: Empowering Communities to become their own agent of change to proactively determine and achieve sustainable self sufficiency. Forbes Environmental Engineering is a independent environmental consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in resolving environmental problems.  Through the patronage of its clients, Forbes supports the efforts SUDEX which serves as an advisor to Engineers with Borders chapters and Advancing Engineering Consultants. (see 

Prey Lang Project - Report and Appendices

Rally for Impact: Community Driven Relief Work - A Conversation with Stephen Forbes  abridged SuDex powerpoint presentation (pdf)

LBJJournal SUDEX published article., Advancing Engineering Consultants is a  newly founded socially responsible engineering business based in the US and located in Cambodia with potential projects in SE Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, and Haiti. It seeks to partner with local firms to design and construct efficient cost effective infrastructure projects while advancing the engingineering capacity of developing countries EWB-I was co founded by Bernard Amadei (, the founder of EWB-USA with the intent of facilitating collaboration, exchange of ideas and information among its members in order to advance engineering capacity and effectiveness in developing countries., which is the national chapter of Engineers without Borders – an organization of  professional and student  engineering chapters undertaking projects in developing countries as well as  natural dissaster reconstruction projects.  There are over a 100 projects  from universities around the country to choose from and a good one chance one is your alma mater,  as well as EWB itself.  The student chapter at Cal Poly, which is working in Huai Nam Khun, Thailand and recently finished a slow sand filter project and is currently planning to provide the entire village with improved water quality .  In addition, they are planning a project in Nicaragua.  Photos of the project can be seen on their website, as well as the Photos link on this website.  The Columbia University student chapter, which constructed a community latrine, rainwater harvesting system in  and is currently planning  a water resource assessment.   In addition, the chapter  has projects in Uganda and India.   Photos of the project can be seen on their website, as well as the Photos link on this website.  Human Translation (HT) is an independent organization involved in providing assistance to those in need.  Most of their current work is in Thailand and Cambodia. With engineering support from the EWB New York City professional chapter ( HT provided leadership and assistance to a community in Balang, Cambodia (north of Siem Reap) to restore a dam, without which 18,000 people have been significantly impacted.  (See  and a well done video  Masar Ibrahim al Khalil  follows the path of Abraham/Ibrahim through the Middle East inviting those of common origins though different faiths and cultures to walk together with mutual respect recognizing shared humanities.  EWB-I chapters of Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon are  working together so that hopefully someday they can walk together improving the infrastructure, welfare, and prosperity to their respective communities resulting in bringing peace to the region.


Joni and Nangsar Morse, Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Joni is the Executve Director of Faith International an independent personal mission initiating numerous EWB and other community development projects throughout Thailand.  His story and efforts are both heroic and inspirational.  The donations to his EWB projects (of which the CalPoly chapter is one) can be made through either EWB or CalPoly.  Donations to Joni's independent efforts can be made through, or SuDeX, if you prefer.