Sustainable Development Extension Services: Empowering Communities to become their own agent of change to proactively determine and achieve sustainable self sufficiency.


 About Us 


SuDeX seeks to contribute at the grass roots level to complement the top down approach, both of which are needed if UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are to be achieved.  Click following link to SUDEX abridged powerpoint presentation (on pdf)

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SuDex hopes to serve in the following  capacity:

  • As an exchange and link to reliable and credible appropriate and relevant information,
  • As a nexus for those in need and those who can effectively address those needs (technically, 
    materials, supplies, and funding, as able).  {Note:  SuDex itself cannot provide direct funding, at this time.}
  • Project liaison, coordination, and technical support.
    Provide assistance in preparing grass roots sustainable development extension plans (SUDEX Plan) for impoverished communities in both developing and developed countries (e.g. barrios, ghettos, reservations, and colonias).
  • Provide an outlet for indigenous artisans to receive fair value for their work. 
  • Provide scholarship assistance to enable motivated students in developing countries to further their professional education or trade skills. Current Sudex Scholars sponsored to date (Note: Scholar sponsorship are invited.):
    • Samuel Gamson (Ghana) now in his final year of engineering school. Samuel is married with one child and supports his family operating a pineapple farm.
    • Fautina Gamson (Samuel's sister) is finishing up her nursing school (equalent to LVN) and plans to continue working toward her RN.
    • Pungsar Wang (Thailand, originally from Myanmar) Completed gemology school and will be entering into business school with the hope to startup a microenterprise gem store (with SUDEX assistance). Pungsar is married with a family supported by his own shoe and leather goods shop located in Bangkok's night market. 
    • Archoo Laecher (Thailand).  Archoo had his dreams of continuing past sixth grade dashed when his father unexpectedly died leaving him the man of the house responsible for his mother and 3 siblings at age 15.  SUDEX with the help of Calpoly Students is providing support inorder for him to be able go to school. He is now in his second year of junior high school.
    • Grace Akio (Uganda).  Grace had her college education interrupted when due to parent illnesses she became the primary care taker of her parents and siblings literally giving up her personal life and dreams working 7 days a week 16 hours a day managing a hotel on a paltry salary.  Sudex will provide assistance for Grace to be able to pursue a masters in business so she can open her own business.