Sustainable Development Extension Services: Empowering Communities to become their own agent of change to proactively determine and achieve sustainable self sufficiency.



Sustainable Development Extension Services (SuDeX) is a social enterprise hybrid dedicated to the extending reliable credible information, formal education, vocational training, and technical assistance to ensure that all impoverished peoples in both developing and developed countries are empowered to be their own agents of change so that they can self determine and proactively seek the ways and means to meet primary basic needs and opportunities to sustain themselves, family and community. 


Sustainable meaning the implementation of  carefully considered policies to conjoin development with conservation of resources,  prevention of pollution, protection of habitat and ecosystems to maintain biodiversity;  invoke humane political, economic standards to prevent injustices and minimize dissatisfaction which leads to conflict; to incorporate servosystems to respond to unforeseen change and unintended consequences; and to provide checks, balances, and measurements to ensure attaining the optimum standard of living level without compromising quality of life and despoiling the quality of nature.


Development meaning the self determined preparation and application of well conceived  plans to aggressively and progressively improve standard of living and self sufficiency on an individual and community basis to attain an acceptable quality of life as established by the community and culture. 


Sustainable Development self determined sustainable self sufficiency.